Paint Restoration: Kluge - Recommendations?

I’ve recently acquired a Kluge 10x13, my first, and I’d like to touch up the paint. Does anyone have any suggestions for paints and/or colors? I have taken three color-accurate photos of the three paint/color types and have included them here.

Specifically, I’m wondering what type of paint was used on the metal of the press, it’s a grayish silver green color. What would be a good replacement paint? Although color matching will be problematic, I’d like to match the texture. Perhaps these were lead based paints?

The other option would be to seal where the paint has been impaired so the underlying metal is not exposed to air. Any recommendations for such an approach?

image: DSC_3484_72dpi.jpg


image: DSC_3486_72dpi.jpg


image: DSC_3493_72dpi.jpg


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The grey looks like hammertone (synthetic enamel). I suggest Rustoleum brand. Brush-on comes in a quart can and ought to be daubed on… to blend with existing finish.

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I did not know about hammertone and have been searching around and it looks like that is precisely what I’m looking for. And your advice to daub it on will undoubtedly be essential.

Thank you very very much!


I’ve discovered that if you wipe the area to be painted with denatured alcohol just before painting the paint will get a better ‘crackle’ finish.


Tom and Terri Kartes (T and T Press Restoration) of Hugo, Minn. are doing memorably beautiful work, and bring a joyful enthusiasm along with it.