Making photopoly plates

We have a Relief Mate A3 poly plate maker,97% of the plates I make are great but some jobs,especialy large plates with multi lines of type do not wash out right. We purchashed the A3 in 93 and remained unused until 3 years ago could this be the wash-out brushes are bad? Thanks!

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You don’t say what about the plates are bad. Describing the actual problem outside of a blanket statement might yield better or more focused advice.


I suspect that anyone using terms like poly plate or photopoly plate in a search engine or a discussion list might not receive the best answers since they are appealing to a group of folks who likely haven’t been around long enough to provide a body of working knowledge.

Be that as it may, any machine that has been sitting around unused for seventeen years likely needs an overhaul. You need to be a bit more specific. There are a number of reasons multiple lines might not wash out correctly. Usually a bad brush will show corruption beginning at the floor of the plate. Is the corruption of the plate always in the same relative area? If so, more likely a bulb or ballast problem.