Vibrating Assembly on Challenge M Series Press

Hi there,

We are working on our Challenge M series press—the vibrating roller doesn’t oscillate so we thought it might be a broken crescent. We have the specs for the Challenge press but there is no detail for the vibrating assembly. Does anyone have a detail a Challenge vibrating assembly which shows the interior of the worm/crescent?

We took the vibrating assembly apart and there is not much inside. The worm is machined directly on the core unlike the vandercook where the worm is a separate piece that fits on the core. We have the vandy worm specs but it seems like the Challenge assembly is a lot different.

When we took the vibrating assembly apart, there was no crescent or internal structure to hold a crescent but it seems like it would fit into the endcap hole. Can anyone send of photo of worm and crescent for the Challenge M series press?

We took the vibrating assembly to a machinist who has made other items for us but he would like to see what the crescent looks like for the challenge.

Attached are photos of the vibrating assembly we took apart. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

image: 20130804_111759_resized_1.jpg


image: 20130804_111749_resized_1.jpg


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I suspect Vandercook came out with the SP series just to ward off the threat of the cheap Challenge presses (and that space family robinson thing was the cheapest press I have ever seen, well except for the plastic crap they are selling willing newbies today). Whenever it comes down to how cheap can we make it to please cheap folks, there is a problem.

And you have a real problem. If you need a Challenge manual (15MA + MP) I can send you one. Better yet, go to the Vanderblog site and ask this question. You might actually get the help you need.


Hi Gerald,

I had already been in contact with Paul Moxon and Fritz prior to posting this. The Challenge parts manual we have has no detail on the vibrating assembly….does your manual show the worm/crescent detail?



Yeah, you’re right, every component is shown broken down into its minutia of parts, EXCEPT the vibrating assembly.




Where are you located? I owned an MP15 and know a little about these presses? Are you near Texas?

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Artcindy I’ve got you covered. We have two M series Challenges. You’re missing the cylindrical follower that goes into the hole in the end cap on your first picture. I’ll take one of ours apart, snap pictures and give you some measurements when I get a chance.

Casey—We are located in Phoenix AZ.

John—photos and measurements would be fantastic! How much movement is there in the follower—is it a tight fit and does it move up and down as it goes thru the worm?



Hi Cindy,

I’ve got a 15mp and I was able to take apart the vibrating assembly this morning. Attached you’ll find a few photos of the crescent and the cylindrical follower.

- Fernando

image: mpwc3.jpeg


image: mpwc2.jpeg


image: mpwc1.jpeg


Also, the top of the cylindrical follower is flush with the assembly hub when placed in the hole. There is little movement as it goes up and down the worm.

Hi Fernando,

Thanks for posting the photos—extremely helpful and this should do the job for the machinist. It makes sense that the crescent is separate so you don’t have to replace the follower if the crescent breaks.