Where to find the serial on a C&P press

I have been working in a printshop at a small town newspaper in northeast Montana for 5 years now. i mainly run newer presses but we have a Chandler and Price press with a Kluge feeder on it that gets turned on once a year for printing ribbons for the local firemans ball. this year i noticed the impression was hard to engage so after getting caught up with my usual job work i set about cleaning up the C&P and seeing where your supposed to oil it………….im at about hour 5 of cleaning and oiling, you wouldnt believe the layer of dust and grime on the press, and i *THINK* i have located all the oil holes and spots and its running extreamly smooth now though ive still got more than a bit of cleaning to do.

Because of all this i started looking online for an oiling diagram or manual or such but have had no luck in finding any but in the process i discovered how popular these old presses. Being 25 years old im firmly entrenched in the computer age but i have to admit this press facinates me. So with around 13 drawers of different type here to play with, a half dozen forms and the off metal graphic on wood blocks ive decided to play with the press in my spare time and see if i can figure out how to run it. i would also be interested in dating the press but i cant locate a serial number on it, atleast that i can tell, most of what im finding seems to be part numbers on the various pieces, where might i locate the serial number on the press?

I took some pictures a while back for a friend on another forum whos father was a pressman, figure i would show off “my” press, especially since im more than likely one of 2 people in 300 miles that knows, more or less, how to run it.

(note this is before i started clean up)


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It’s stamped into the upper left hand corner of the bed.

Updated. many thanks, i had to put my nose about 2 inches from it to read it, no wonder i missed it.