Font Recommendations?

I’m considering a project for which I will need a number of special characters not included in standard fonts. Specifically, I will need the “@ * / \ #” characters, and possibly several others. Can anyone recommend a good font for this? Does M & H perhaps produce something suitable?

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Please advise sizes and exact characters, quantities and whether roman or sans-serif faces required. I have a quantity of these, in most text sizes.The character \ is not normally available as side sorts except as an algebraic character.

Thank you for the reply. I thought that this post was buried forever. I am looking for 3-4 “@” characters, as well as 3-4 forward slashes and maybe 2 “#” symbols. I’m sure other sorts would be useful as well, but those are the main ones. Something in a 10pt roman would be ideal.

I may have those characters. I hope to be in the studio this evening. I will alert you as to what I find. I have boxes of that stuff lying around somewhere and I doubt that I will ever use them. They are yours if I can only located the boxes.