Has anyone found a source to purchase points. These are the small slugs (usually a pica wide), that have, for lack of a better description, needles that are type high in them, about 5 or 6 picas apart. Used when printing the upcurl side of a difficult sheet. If positioned properly, prevents the last line from slurring, on the tail of the sheet. The points themselves diameter, is actually more like 6 points (fatter than a needle). In the old days, they could be had by the handful.


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Calvinc: Yes I have some of these. Please advise quantity you require, I’ll check in my shop for what I have available. These were cast on a Ludlow with a special jig placed in a stick to hold the nails, and then cast into a 12 pt slug. Used mainly on Miehle Verticals and Kelly presses.