paper education!

I am new to this and am restoring a C&P old style ,and a Colts Armory press. Both are lineshaft driven. They go with a complete lineshaft factory that was set up about 1910 to 1916. I have acquired it all.
The Colts printed on wood on the top of the old wood washboards. The C&P printed the paper items for the washboard business.
I am struggling with paper information , as there is so much to learn.
I want a natural paper that looks old to print the washboard information , and its history . One side will need to have the barcode sticker on it unfortunately.
Natural edges, green , brown, recycled, 3”x4” ???
The impression from the press is very important to me!
This has become a wonderful project!
Located in Ontario

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Hi Andy - you may want to look at Paper Warehouse in Pawtucket RI (and online) where they have kraft paper (like grocery bags) that could look a bit dated. Neil

French Paper has a good selection of text and cover weight paper.

Inky Lips Press

Thanks to both replies! The Frenchpaper contact has a distributer about a hour from my shop. Talked directly with them , and they are very helpful!