PHILADELPHIA - Paper Supplier/Source

I am moving to philadelphia and need to find a new paper supplier located in philadelphia or around the area. I know of some online but would rather have a backup source in the area. Anyone know of any in philadelphia selling lettra letterpress paper that can cut down to s specified size?


Log in to reply   6 replies so far is an online source, but they ship out of New York, so you’ll probably have anything you order within a day or two. They also will cut to size, I believe.

I’ve never had good luck with paper merchants unless I need a large order (i.e. full carton). They just cost too much.

I also order everything from I could trim everything down for you if you needed it. Better yet, I have a paper cutter for sale :)

Ha. Yeah. I know. I still have you image saved just in case. After my move I might think about it. I am not sure yet if i want an old cutter or newer one. But I may take you up on the cutting service offer. What would you charge. You can contact me at [email protected]

Thanks Scott

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