Two unidentified founts

Can anyone identify the typefaces below? They are both 10pt and perhaps came from the Alembic Press some years ago. Any help will be appreciated. (Apologies for the quality of the printing)

Peter W.

image: img012h.jpg


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Somewhat surprised that our British contingency hasn’t jumped on this. Your fonts are Old Roman Italic and Caslon Old Roman. I have no idea why the italic is not designated as Caslon Old Roman Italic. Both are from the Caslon Foundry.


I don’t have any fonts but I do have some founts. :)

Oh sure, it’s all about “u.”


Thank you, Rick, very much. I didn’t think that it was Caslon as it is nothing like the Caslon (Old Face) fonts/founts that I got from John Randle at the Whittington Press, which also includes long esses and many ligatures.

Peter W.

Hi Peter,

This does not resemble any “Caslon” face at all and is really an Old Roman face. It is rather confusing that the foundry chose to call it Caslon Old Roman which is confusing because of their Caslon Old Face. The Caslon catalogue (note the “u”) that I found this in is an undated hardbound book, maroon-colored cloth with gold foil stamping on the cover, probably from the 1920s.