Letterpress printed ham radio “QSL” cards

I am writing an article for a magazine about postcard-sized cards that ham radio operators exchange when they contact one another. Much of the article is devoted to specifically LETTERPRESS printed cards and not the “quick print” or sophisticated offset photo cards that have more recently come into vogue. I wish to offer the readers the names of letterpress printers who still print such “QSL” cards and are familiar enough with them to know their nuances. (I know any printer can technically print an order but there are various technical aspects that would be assumed by ham operators but not necessarily requested by them, such as common logos, report form formats, what is capitalized and what is not etc). Thank you.

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Brasspounder, I have done QSL cards in the past, an have lately been considering doing it again just to broaden my scope of business. I am WD4NKA, and have been around the block a few times when it comes to Boatanchors, 1920s and 30s homebrew and Antique Wireless. I am somewhat of a brasspounder myself, although not very fast. I keep the bug fairly heavily weighted, hi.

I just completed a blog entry regarding vintage Letterpress QSL cards, which can be found at http://www.q5letterpress.blogspot.com/

My shop is Paper Wren Press, and can be found on line at:

It’s still under construction.

I can also be reached at [email protected]

-gary // wd4nka


got my novice ticket in 1965
current call is W8ZNX

have printed some QSL cards
do not have enough display type

photo of one of my HB stations
at my call QRZ.com

can be found after 0730 GMT
around 3875 kHz