PSA Press availability - “Not my press” but here’s what I found

I don’t believe we have a GENERAL THREAD for “Press available” PSA type posts; those that would like to post currently available equipment THEY have for sale in the FS/T thread are able to do so, but what if you found something on Ebay you don’t need- but looks to be a solid deal? And you want to point it out to those who may not have looked for it, but could want if they were aware?

For instance:

Here is what appears to be a late model “N” C&P; it’s missing the fountain, and the rollers, but it looks to be in good shape and would service your needs for a long time coming. I have one of these and swear by it.

Great price and seller seems to be willing to work with you on shipment.

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I’ve always seen this as a double edged sword — If I were planning on bidding on one of those presses on eBay, an announcement such as this would increase the competition that I would have in the bidding process. Of course, “money talks”, but so does finding a listing that nobody else seems to have latched on to.

The same goes for classified ads, often for something like a press there’s a negotiation process before the final “hand-shake”, be it verbal or virtual. Having someone with deep pockets helicopter in at a critical point in negotiations can really put a kink in things.

There is always the wanted list , i just offline a message to the relevant if i know there is a match out there and i remember seeing the request !

Well, this press is offered for a BIN that I see as reasonable. Also I’m not bidding ;-)
I see it as encouraging a good machine to find a home.

Nice looking Kelly cylinder for sale on Ebay

Also, this little giant has been up there for a while- I’ve even considered it myself: