Value of Wood Type

Dear all,

I have decided to sell my collection of wood type if I can get a decent price for it. I have seen prices between US$200 and $1200 per case depending on the rarity or the font and the completeness of the type. Loose type seems to sell at US$0.50 to US$1.00 depending on size and stuff.

Are these reasonable prices?
Should I offer them for sale or put them in storage?

I have between 20 and 40 cases, some are in metal drawers, some in boxes and buckets. Some in neat cases with horizontal spacers that fit into the notched sides. Most of them are jobbing fonts. There are some pretty complete smaller sizes that fill a case an there are some that are assortments of 6 inch high caps. One case of borders and ornaments.

They are part of the Calrose Typesetters collection that I have to dispose of, situated in South Africa but if there was a bulk buyer I could ship the type.

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could you supply a list of these wood types names,sizes — or photos to give some idea as to
a — completeness of fonts
b — condition of
c — style/identity/period of manufacture

these fonts are often incomplete…

thank you,
Michael Caine,
printer, typographer
Paris, France

I’m interested if the price, condition, completeness etc is right.