adhesive film for holding pp plates on the base

Hi everyone,

I have been processing my own plates and using super 77 glue to hold the pp plates on the base when printing. It works for me but i wanted to try the sticky film used more commonly for other people i have started to make plates for.

I am trying to source some of the sticky film in Australia. Can any Aussies recommend a supplier for this?


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Hey Leo,

We get our tape from Dominion Tapes in Melbourne otherwise Tessa have some good plate mounting tapes too which we’ve used in the past. One of those two should be able to sort you out.



Tesa is the name of the company, not Tessa.

They sell four different types of tape for photopolymere plates: 52310 (transp.), 52315 (yellow), 52320 (white0, and 52325 (pink). All of them of a different thickness.

Thanks heaps guys.

I’m guessing the last two number in those serials are fractions of a MM, similar to the numbers associated with plumbers tape?

The type of adhesive you are looking for is used in the flexographic industry. You’d want to use that as a keyword rather than letterpress per se. See:

There are a number of manufacturers and distribution chains. Both Boxcar and Eluminum use Biesse (an Italian manufacturer).

The crinkle back tapes seem preferable because the liner helps mitigate the formation of air bubbles during the application of the film adhesive to the plate backing.