Fotopolimero A4

Hello guys,

I got a Fotopolimero A4 machine for a decent price and was hoping that someone has a manual for it in English. Can’t find it anywhere and was hoping that I could find some help here.

Many thanks!


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on the www I have only ever come across a most basic parts manual and basics of the process, which is similar to other platemakers, exposure, washout, and drying-which are usually plate specifics, Macdermid www has technical aids for polymer plates eg for testing

try this link to a reseller
these people may have a manual

just checked apparently on ppl letterpress courtesy of Gerald Bieler
is basic instruction sheet posted by parallel_imp

If you mean a polimero A4 machine for making plates, I use one at work , there is a manual but it has 3 pages about the machine and the rest about 17 pages are line drawings for parts nothing on how to operate it really, there is also a miraclon leaflet of about 8 pages this tells you how use miraclon and how to make plates with different machines with photographs and details of temperatures and hints for making plates. If you cannot get any joy with the links already posted contact me through Briar and I will try to help, regards John.

The Polimero manual I posted does not have the parts drawings, but since the manufacturer, Houstra, went bankrupt, they may be of no use ordering replacement parts.
The two most important points about the Polimero are that their aging mechanical timers are now unreliable, so you need to compare actual times to a reliable digital timer; and if you ever overheat the bath without water, there is a safety switch beneath the bath that can be reset. The vacuum pumps seem to be a problem too, and diverting to an external pump is a common fix.

I know they use those at Boxcar press, they are super awesome and very helpful. Might be worth giving them a call

I also just purchased a polimero A4/TTC and would love to know how to set the timers. Mine will not count down. The controls are in the middle and are LED. The wash and dryer timers work fine. If there is is someone who knows the workings of this unit that would be great. Operating manual would be great.


Has anyone found the manual for these machines, I have one too and it works well, but I’m actually wondering:

Should one leave standing water in the bath compartment when the machine is not being used?

I have heard different opinions on this, some say the brushes should not be allowed to dry out, but also the adhesive plate should not be left in contact with the brush, so I would need to leave the top “open”.

Here is a link to the model I have (not the exact same machine).

On the website of our association, we’ve got the instructions for the A4 and the A3. They’re not great, but that’s all we’ve got. It might be of some help, scroll down to Polimero.

Jet Europe, who took over the Polimero business several years ago, has ceased to exist in November 2020. All equipment was auctioned off.

Jet Europe, who took over the Polimero business several years ago, has ceased to exist in November 2020. All equipment was auctioned off.

sorry, double entry.