Intertype Linecasting Machine Model Number

I want to sell this and can’t find a model number on it. I found “Machine No. 6806” on the plate in the last picture. Does anyone know what model this is?

image: Intertype - 01.jpg

Intertype - 01.jpg

image: Intertype - 03.jpg

Intertype - 03.jpg

image: Intertype - 05.jpg

Intertype - 05.jpg

image: Intertype - 06.jpg

Intertype - 06.jpg

image: Intertype - 07.jpg

Intertype - 07.jpg

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The number is the buiders number. Your machine was built early in 1926 and appears to be a Model C, which is a 3 magazine machine.

Machine is rear loading (magazines change from the back) with a gas pot. I cannot tell if it is set up to run 72 channel magazines or 90’s, but guessing at the latter (more common).

The machine looks complete. It’s value will be determined by where you are, if there are additional magazines/parts that go with it. Some folks are averse to dealing with a gas pot, but gas pots have the advantage of never having elements to burn out.

Given the dearth of people wanting to learn to operate these machines, their value is rather variable. A machine in current working order will have an premium over a machine that is complete, but non-operating. I hope you can find a good home for it.


Thanks for your input.

The machine is in perfect working order and is in southern New Jersey. I am trying to sell it for a friend of mine. The man that used to operate it is 85 years old and ran it as late as a year and a half ago. I hope we can find a good home for it and not have to scrap it! That would be a crime!


As the owner of a nearly identical machine, I certainly hope you don’t have to scrap it. But, if you unfortunately have to, I have some easy-to-remove parts I’d like to buy.


I will let you know.