Who is casting leading and slugs?

Dear friends:

I am in need of purchasing leading and slugs in small quantities (I own an Adana 5x8 press…).

I already have type based on the european point dimensions, so I need an european supplier. I’ve already contacted stempel some time ago with no answer (I insisted today again…). Do you have any other potential supplier?

I also tried to purchase through the local eBay (Mercado Libre in Argentina), but all the sellers want to give away A LOT of material or nothing at all most of the times…


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As you might not know, Stempel Schriftenservice has ceased to exist, but M. Gerstenberg continues under has own name, he can cast everything you want to European point sizes.
You can reach him here: http://www.rainer-gerstenberg.de

I can supply any amount of leading from 1pt to 36pt any length all Anglo/American but that doesn’t matter a jot only if your using Ludlow

Best chance is to find a local printer who has letterpress and beg a small amount of leads and slugs from him/her. If you have furniture you only really need leads and slugs for typesetting — mostly 2-point (maybe 20 pieces each size), a modest amount of 6 point (maybe 8 pieces each size, and a few pieces of 12 point, in the lengths you plan to use for your set measure — maybe 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, and 24 picas. They should have a precision printers saw and can cut them to exact measure.

Ask around — if you’re in Buenos Aires or one of the other medium-to-large cities there has to be a number of small letterpress shops tucked away.


And you can these people out, good service as well:

We cast type, leads, rules, spacing, quotations etc. Have a look at www.handandeye.co.uk.

Like Thomas pointed out Rainer Gerstenberg offers all type of spacing material on a Didot body. It isn’t listed on the website yet, so no worries if you don’t find any mention of it there.

WOW. Thank you all!. I’ll start contacting your suggested sources (and fellow forum chaps).


To those of us who go back a long way, compositors, but especially Caster operators, *Didot* normally implied specific face on larger body, to alleviate line spacing to excess….Non more so than with Univers, virtually always listed by Monotype as Didot, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9, 9/10, etc etc with one or two anomolies, possibly 10? point or didot. Alignment guages were specified for both…However if the installation did not possess sufficient bastard size moulds, frequently the face could be, and was, cast, on the point size mould that would be for the face, in normal non didot form……Under these circumstances as the correct alignment guage was not on sight, (and to Monotype,s disgust) we usually adopted the method of using 3 em rules, from the diecase, in the alignment guage by turning the middle one upside down and aligning accordingly. …*see footnote*. This in actual fact gave a higher degree of accuracy than conventional method, (with the alignment slip) 3 em rules in a straight line, irrespective of eyesight can only be seen as a straight line? Monotype of course, didnt sell as many moulds as they would have liked. Retro apologies…..***Some how in the localised area, when mumping was rife, I.E. swapping diecases between firms we all flew under the same flag, non standard alignment? Apologies to Monotype again, but I wasnt alone, unfortunate or otherwise, that I may be the only one NOW*** Mr. A. send the boys round, I will carry the can for all those that cant, with a couple of 10 kilo feeder ingots, I can probably cope….or at least structurally modify a few toes, en route.

You wouldn’t believe that Mick on Monotype could come out with this diatribe when all he had to do was put you on to me, we are supposed to be mates as I gave him his Composition Caster.
So smvallee I sell Leads and Rules in England any quantity give me an email of your wants