Line-o-scribe Machines/Block Printing

I would like to know if anyone has the instruction/manuel for a Line-o-scribe sign machine(morgan) . I would also enjoy hearing from anyone out there in “printing”land if there is a place to buy used equipment near my area(Bay area)CA.
Used to go to James Heaghy warehouse on treasure island.
I want to find replacement rollers for my machine. I am currently making block prints and stationary. (Hobby printer)
Thanks, Terrie Syvertsen

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I would like to know if anyone had the instruction manuel for a Line-o-scribe sign machine made by the Morgan sign machine company. I would also enjoy hearing from anyone about places to buy used equipment(especially rollers)for my machine. I am using it for my block prints and some stationary(hobby printer)

The only Bay Area printing remaining equipment source is the Hicks Bros who have moved from SF to Fremont. Rollers, whether inking or impression rollers, can be ordered through various places, NA Graphics in Colorado or Ramco in Southern California among others. Buty they will not be stock rollers witha sign press, you’ll need to remove them and send the core to be recovered.
Heagy? On Treasure Island? Heagy’s warehouse was at the Hunter’s Point Naval Ship Yard, and sorely missed.

Hi Terrie! I have a Line-o-scribe that I just started using for printing posters & taking to demonstrations (I have an AWT Pilot clone that I use for most printing). I use small wood type, larger metal type, my linoleum cuts, and other old blocks. It is great for demonstrating because of its small size, and people can easily make out the wood type.

I don’t have any accutrements for it, and can’t help with sources. I am posting here to tag on as another Line-o-Scribe printer! I am interested in learning more about it for the future. :-)

I have had it for a while and had never really used it. Once its portability dawned on me, it has opened up a whole fun new world.

Tina Howard
Blanket TX

I have some catalogs that include instructions for use for Showcard sign presses - circa mid- late sixties I’m guessing. Not sure how similar Showcard & Line-o-Scribe are. I can scan & send to you if you want - send me your email address.

Hello there “Press Community”. Haven’t followed up on my original post as I had Heart surgery and was busy with recovery and moving on after a valve transplant.
Posting today because I have decided to sell my Morgan Line-O-Scribe machine. I live in California and wanted to drop this post to see if there is someone interested. I have been using this for block printing, stationary, weddings, signs for many years but now centered on my carving and looking for a small table top proof press soon. I am block printing only these days and no longer typesetting with my cards and stationary. Thanks and get in touch if interested.