Moving a C&P Craftsman 10x15

Anyone have a recommendation for a reasonably-priced freight company to move a C&P Craftsman 10x15?

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where are you located? I just hired Machinery Movers from richmond, virginia last month to move my 8x12 and they were awesome—knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. We were traveling relatively locally, so I’m not sure if they’d be cost effective for a long distance trip…

I know it seems impossible but they are not THAT hard to move on your own. There are several posts on here discussion that.

I did it with two people and a landscape trailer, feel free to contact me with any questions


The following thoughts are NOT meant to be negative.

If we had location of pick up and of delivery then we could offer advice as to how to handle this move.

My response would be different depending on whether the move is across town or across the USA.

It doesn’t help to recommend say,”XYZ Moving and Chimney Sweep Company” if they only work in Texas and the press is in North Dakota.

If the move is within the Midwest area of the country I can probably help you out.

With a little help from those that have moved cast iron in the past I believe most people could do this themselves. Give us some more info and the press will get moved safely.

We are here to help, we just need more info.
Thats why I love this forum!!


If you’re shipping freight and you trust the person loading out, that’s one thing; but to do LTL shipping, items need to be moved from truck to truck often.
Top heavy/difficult to move items like printing presses often suffer from accidents when shipped LTL (less than truckload). You never know who is jostling it around or not strapping it down properly.

It might be more worth your while to collect if possible, or have it sent via 1/2 truckload if the item is along a favorable shipping lane between you and it’s origin.

(reason: 1/2 truckload would imply your item is put in place, and is never removed from the truck until it reaches you. LTL means you’re going to see it jump from truck to truck a couple times to come across the country, for example.)

Thank you to everyone who replied. We got it moved pretty easily ourselves, almost 1,000 miles! A huge thank you to Lance of Williams Stationery in Camden, NY.

for a few years worked for somebody
that bought and sold printing equipment

for a bit of time collected
big radio transmitters

it is amazing what you can move
if you think about it and work slowly

a engine hoist
some steel pipe
2 by 4s, 4 by 4s
come along
ramps and hoists

there are internet sights
and youtube postings about how to do it