Foil Stamping Units for Heidelberg Windmill

I am in the market for an original or aftermarket foil stamping unit for a 10x15 Heidelberg Windmill. I’m familiar with the Tempress Unit but want something less expensive than $5k. I recently saw a picture of a unit called the Quick Foil 1500 but I cannot find any information on it at all. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I attached a video of the Quick Foil 1500 below.

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I spoke with Whittenberg recently and they had a couple of NOS Heidelberg factory units for lockout version windmills.

For aftermarket foil units, they mentioned Lutz Machinery as a resource.

The unit in that video has some electrical cable riding on the inking system as it seems to still be turning- Not an expert on all that, but it looks like a problem to me.

Thanks for the info.

Maybe it’s permanent used for die cutting/foil stamping and they don’t care about scoring up the drum? I imagine there’d be a safer way to run the electrical cable down, especially if the windmill had lockout rollers, then you wouldn’t be worrying about the roller arms getting in the way.

That cable should not rub on the drum, must be a better way to plug it in.

A few months ago I was interested in the QuickFoil 1500 unit. At the time I was just trying to find the right unit with the best pricing. We contacted the company that makes it and asked if they had a video of it being installed and working. They didn’t. They build the units as they are ordered and didn’t have a press onsite to put it on, so they went to a nearby shop that they had recently sold a unit to so they could film it in action for us. ( the video on youtube is that one.) Now, I inquired about the cable on the drum as well and they said that the client who bought it, did some weird rigging and that the cable is not supposed to go on the drum but rather through a different location where it doesn’t touch the press at all.

Back in July I didn’t have the funds in my budget to complete my order, but I do this week and will be purchasing one. If you want to wait a couple of weeks to make a decision, I will be happy to tell you what I think of it.

That sounds great, LucyPrint! Let me know what you think. Thank you!

Okay….I jumped the gun on when I had the funds. Lol. I got it today. I’ll be ordering the unit on Friday. They take 5 days to build it about 3 days to ship. So, I will keep you posted for sure! (With shipping and the extra Chase (their heating plate requires the chase to have a section milled out, so I am buying a chase through them.) It comes out to almost $5k. Not sure your budget but thought you should know….)

No problem. I was hoping that unit would be half of that price. If I remember correctly this one below is $5k too.

Let me know what you think.

Hi LucyPrint:
Would love to hear your thoughts on the unit when you’ve received it.

have Marshall1000 hot foil machine can anyone give me me few tips on using it
Bob Read

hi ALL
Have got the Marshali 1000 under control. Now I want to use Photopolymer plates do need a special grade of plate to stand the heat if so what