Miele Vertical V-50

Mielhle V50 for sale, serial # V-18830. This press was sold to us from the printing department of Statistics Canada, where it no doubt enjoyed a limitless budget for maintenance and repairs. Somehow they managed to put 13.8 million impressions on it while working the 24/7 schedule of a government employee, 24 hours a week, 7 months of the year. Can you tell I’m a little bitter at our tax rates?

Anyways, this machine was in great working order when we unplugged it. We had a job that we used to run that required die cutting, but that project ended about 10 years ago. The last time the press was used was about 6 months ago, but we have decided to decommission it. Sad to see it go, and I’m hoping that we can save it from the scrap heap.

I can pack it on a skid, and we have a forktruck so we can load it on your truck for you. Weight is likely over 3,000 pounds, so check your capacity on your truck.

I’d like to get $2500 for it. If you’d like specific close-up photos of any part of it, let me know - otherwise it looks like a Miehle Vertical!

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