windmill oil or grease

Hi Everyone, I have read a few posts about this, I understand that the nipples are to be filled with an oil gun but some said that the variable speed drive ( I think that is what its called ) is to have grease. Can anyone instruct as to which to use? The press is making a knocking noise emanating from that pulley.

I have attached a pic of the nipple in question - the press is a 1960 Red Ball

image: photowindmill.JPG


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It is a grease gun supplied in the Heidelberg tool set.

We use oil in that nipple. And it is an oil gun, not a grease gun that is supplied with the Heidelberg. To be specific part # T-2462

I spoke with Whittenberg techs on this issue at the Print13 conference… they indicated a spare oil-gun can be loaded with grease and used on that port.

According to the Heidelberg Operation Manual, page 15:

“To lubricate the oiling points provided with nipples, fill up the oil gun with high-viscosity machine oil (the same as used in the central lubrication system). In no case should grease be used.”

But on page 14 it says:
“Grease nipples and oil holes red must be lubricated daily”
… so some nipples are intended for grease.

My question is, how do I know which nipples are for grease and which are for oil, if there’s no difference in markings?

As I understand it, the variator shaft is the only grease fitting, the rest are oil.

The fittings are marked with colors to indicate the lubrication intervals: red=daily, yellow=weekly, green=6mo.

With regards to the knocking noise, I would also inspect the belt for damage or deterioration.


Thanks everyone, I put grease in and the noise went away. Now to tackle the “bear” sound from the ink drum…

That is normal on that age of a WIndmill. If you want to dump oil down in front of and along your ink drum, it will quiet it down some, but not for long.
You must use the correct oil for lubing your press. There is nothing about using grease on the plate on the back of my press. It’s all Extra Heavy Oil. Not sold in stores, order it from a Lube and Oil Co. in your area. Sold in 5 gal buckets.

I would not use grease on a windmill at all.

The roller bearings should have grease occassionally

Yes, I forgot the older style unshielded/unsealed bearings should be periodically greased. (I install sealed bearings.)

The use of grease is spec’d in the manual:

“The ball bearings on the form roller journals should be packed with grease. Do not over-lubricate or the excess will get onto the roller tracks which must be kept absolutely clean.

To lubricate points equipped with pressure nipples, fill the oil gun with one of several recommended oils, the same as is used in central lubrication system, mentioned previously. In no case should grease be used in these nipples, with the exception of variable speed pulley. To lubricate, place the oil gun on the nipple and press down firmly.

For lubrication of the variable speed pulley a grease gun is provided. The pulley should be cleaned and lubricated with the recommended grease every 30 days of operation. At the same time all gears in the machine should be lubricated with grease.”