Three Fonts that came with my Sigwalt Chicago #11

Trying to identify the fonts that came with this Sigwalt (or Sigwalt knockoff) Chicago #11 press that I acquired from my dad. It was used in a school in the 1930s, I have attached the three font print samples actual size, and blown up for detail.

Don’t know where to go to identify them, and would appreciate any help pointing me in the right direction.

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image: Fonts.jpg


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Austinflyer The fat face looks like Broadway. Not enough of the others to be sure. Howard H

You’ll need better proofs to get a good identification. I found the ATA Handbook a valuable resource for type identification, if you can find a copy. But to compare your type to any example you will find anywhere you will need a good proof of more letters. I suggest you lock up alphabets of all three in your Sigwalt and print samples to use for comparisons.


Thanks guys…I’ll try to do that this week…