take apart a C&P guillotine

Hi everyone,

needing some help to plan ahead how much of this guillotine should be taken apart for budget transport. It is a C & P, perhaps 26” that needs to travel interstate in Australia. I am actually planing to fly there, make a crate for it and take it to a freight depot. I know, it seems desperate, but i have been looking for a while and need something good real soon. the cutter was offered for free.

If i can reduce the depth and width of the crate the cost of transport is significantly cheaper. However, from the photos it looks like most of it is quite solid from legs to the top and the bed too.

Any help is appreciated.


image: 1.JPG


image: 2.JPG


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Is the bed attached to the frame and the legs or can the bed be taken off and transported on its side? i have read it can be done but not on this model?

It is not one piece, but should be held together with bolts and also critical locating pins. It is a LOT of work to take apart and get back together, you might need to rent something like a hydraulic lift table to get the bed at correct height before you can attch the side frames.
My first cutter was a C&P 23”. Good cutter but didn’t have the split back gauge you have here. But like this it did not have any guide edge on the right side of the bed. My 26.5 Challenge does have the capacity for stock to be jogged left or right as the job requires. Without that, be ready to cut face down at times to hold guide edges to the end.

Leo, Sir, your machine would have been/is cast as about 4/5 major castings, plus several smaller machined parts!!!
FIRST *EXTREME CAUTION AND PRIORITY* crank the blade assembly partially down ascertain which (normally 4 bolts) release the blade but FIRST enquire if there is 2 stub bolts with knurled handles to safely remove the blade and insert it into its wooden or plastic scabbard, and is there any spare blade(s) in protective scabbards for sharpening!!!
The back guage will remove via (normally) 2 bolts from underneath which also carry the lead screw, which in turn will detatch from and with the handwheel, at the front, as a unit!!! Possibly tape/protect the lead screw thread with bubble wrap etc.
The cross head that carries the blade, (already removed??) as it normally traverses in its normal action, will slide out after removing the fulcrum link pictured at left, probably with clevis pins/split pins and removal of drag link/operating link pictured at right which is normally left and right handed thread to, to facilitate adjustment and clearance, for the stroke of the blade, (is there any evidence of cutting stick(s) originally wood, but now even for older machines, PLASTIC, 8 times reversible, 2 x 4???)
The Bed will probably sit on 2 substantial lugs cast on/with the 2 side frames, pegged and pinned with taper or parallel pins and bolted from the inside.!!
Would expect to see pins in blind holes equipped with self extracting threads to utilise nut and washer from the machine itself, quite normal!!
The bed will then lift out from the front, (the knock up section is usually wider than the Bed proper) ?
Weight***of the bed NO problem, 2 Good old boys with a crate of, or a few *Cans* of Castelmaine 4X or an engine crane/hoist >job done<
Ancilliaries from the base, next!! Motive power unit, Foot operated clamp, etc etc.
Next, Tourniquet the side frames for dismantling safety! with wooden spacer possibly??
Remove main crosshead, unbolt bottom cross member and lower side frames on to baulks of timber or cushion material!!
All/every nut, bolt, washer, fitting, tagged/labelled, colour coded, (dabs of printing ink even,) for reassembley.
Possibly ascertain via trucking company CRATED or PALLETED/STRAPPED for transportation. Better rate for pallet than crate, maybe.
The above offered as general/basic suggestions with, on site variations to suit. Good Luck.

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Thanks Parallel Imp. It certainly sounds, and am sure it will be challenging

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