Loose Ink Disc/Plate - Craftsmen Superior Press

I’ve got a Craftsmen Superior tabletop press.

Printing Christmas cards last night, the ink disc/plate kept coming loose and wobbly. And, it would cause the rollers to catch on the press as they went back down to ink the type. I had to finish the run very carefully; thankfully, it was a short run.

It doesn’t look like there’s been a break anywhere and I don’t see where there’s anything to bolt it in place. As far as I can tell, it just rests up there. Am I missing something? Is there a way to get the ink disc/plate more firmly locked in?

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I had one of those some time ago and I don’t remember exactly how the ink disc support was mounted, but I think it is a bracket bolted to either the main body casting or to the insides of the bed rails. If in fact it “just rests up there” you’re missing bolts and/or nuts. In either case, if those bolts are loose you’ll get the symptom you describe. If that is not the problem, check the bearing of the shaft the disc rotates on. It should have almost no play except for moving the shaft in and out of the bearing. If that part is worn but the shaft on the disc is OK, you could remove the part and take it to a machine shop, which can bore the hole out to a size that will allow the insertion of a sleeve bearing that fits the disc shaft.