Challenge Paper Cutter 193

I recently got a 193 HBE Challenge paper cutter. its a 3 phase power supply and I am wondering how I can hook this up to a house single phase power supply. Has anyone done this to there 19inch Challenge Cutter? This cutter is going in my garage and will be hooked up to house power supply. Please let me know.

Thank you.

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check with your electrician, you can get a phase convertor, its like another motor that converts house current to 3-phase.

For 150 dollars you can get a VFD, (variable frequency drive) that will take single phase input and give you three phase out. Plus it will have ability to vary the speed of the motor, has overload protection, etc.

I bought one from Automation Direct and installed on my small Barker mill and have had great results.

If you can post some data from the motor plate, I will be more than happy to help you in selecting a VFD.


My motor name plate is missing. I looked under the machine to find one on the motor and I did not see one unless its angled in a way I can not get to without taking the motor off. Should I? I tried contacting challenge but they gave me a routine “This machine is not supported” answer. I went online and found someone selling theres and it looks just like mine. Same color too. The name plate is on theres. You can see it via this link:

Thank you.

It is a bigger motor than I first thought.

If it is 3 HP 208 3 phase then this model of VFD will just do.

It is a little over 300 dollars.

My advice at this time is to pull the motor and find out what you have. Single phase 3 HP will probably run you about the same dollar wise and be easier for you to install and wire. Not that the VFD is hard to install, just a little more involved in the learning curve as far as extra features that the VFD provides.

What part of the country are you located in? Have several contacts that are very good at motors and VFD’s and I am sure they would be willing to help if you are close by.

Wish I had better news, but really need to know what motor we have before we make any decisions.


I am located in Philadelphia.

Sorry I don’t have any contacts close to you.
If you can get some info on motor I will do whatever I can to help out.


I will see if I can get a better look on the motor.


I was able to get a photo of the plate on the motor. See attached photo.

Its labeled the following:

Part: 8-135155-01
Frame: KA56
Type: SC
HP: 1.5
Code: L
Hertz: 60
PH: 3
RPM: 1725
Voltz 230/460
Amps: 5.0/2.5
Time: CONT
Ambient: 40
SF: 1.2
Form: KHC
Insul Class: B
Serial: Y8

image: photo.JPG


Quick question.
Is this cutter all mechanical? or does it have hydraulic pump?
If it is all mechanical then a 250 dollar VFD is the way to go.
You won’t use most of the features, but some are worth their weight in gold as far as motor protection goes.
The ability to slowly ramp up motor speed on start up saves the motor lots of stress and helps the whole house from having temp. voltage swings when starting.

Take a look at this unit.


it is definitely Hydraulic. Not sure about the pump part.

Not sure which way to advise. There are pros/cons with each option.

New 1 phase motor
should work with no problems
Cost is probably the same as VFD
Plug and play
maybe better resale value.

Might play havoc with other electrical equipment when it starts, dips in voltage.


Better motor protection
Can be set up to prevent line voltage drop on start up
Soft Start can ramp up motor speed on start up

Slightly more involved installation, not much
Programming of set points, can help walk you thru this.
Might need to tweak motor speeds on start up if hydraulic pump is fussy. This is all in set point set up.

If it was mine, I would toss the dice and go with the VFD.
No messing with changing out the motor. If I wanted to sell the cutter I would have the option of going back to original setup by keeping the VFD or selling it as single phase.

Hope this makes sense.
I will work with you no matter which way you want to go.