Inconsistent ink coverage on Windmill- Photos attached

Hello Friends,

Having a recently developed problem on our windmill - experiencing some inconsistent ink coverage that comes every so often and in some cases not in the same spot. We haven’t experienced this before and thought we might bring some pics to the masses for any troubleshooting assistance you could provide.

This has come up on our last two job runs…each time we’ve applied makeready, adjusted roller height and are making sure our tracks are clean and free of any grease.

Any ideas on what could be causing this?

On the bright side, it’s 75 degrees out in AZ and we’ve got the windows and doors open in the studio!

Thank you for any help!

image: farms crop1.JPG

farms crop1.JPG

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Its hot out , your grease is now oil is it contaminating your Large distributing roller at its ends ?
You may also benefit from having a look at the roller train for bouncing rollers or the vibrating roller is not always contacting evenly , any of a number of things can do this , you may mave too much pressure on your ink forme rollers causing the opposite end to lift off the forme ,although that one is easy to see in the printed work .
Is the forme and the base correct does the it spring in the middle when locked in the press , wipe it clean to remove any possible muck and bang the form with your hand in the middle ,at the corners and if you hear a knock you need to re lock up till the forme is flat in the chase it must not be springy .
Lubricate the Ink roller ( Forme) arms and tug them in and out check that they are not binding in the outer arms .

azwildcats7 did you ever solve this problem, it just popped up for us with pp plates, we have adjusted rollers, rollers are in shape. We had oil contamination but cleared that up and resolved the oil issue. If you resolved it could you explain what you found?