How to cut 16 gauge copper plates?

I’ve seen the machine to cut 16 gauge copper but I have no idea what it’s called. Like a little guillotine.

What are these called? Where can I get one?


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I think I found it. I’m looking for a metal shear.

a printers saw with a carbide blade.

If you are talking about a copper plate for printmaking, a metal shear is the answer. Depending on where you are located, if there is a collage or studio that does printmaking near you, chances are good they will have a shear.

Old school printmaking departments would tend to have a mechanical shear. But most have switched over to only offering screen printing. The usual contemporary concerns.


I need something for clean square cuts on 16 gauge copper. I’ve seen a few shops use what looks like metal shears.

A metal shear will give you a clean cut edge on one piece but the cut-off piece will be distorted. A good one should not distort the cut-off part very much.