Kelsey 3” x 5”

Could anyone post the overall dimensions of a Kelsey 3” x 5” press? I need to make up a shipping box without a press at hand.

Many thanks,

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i have a 5x8 that i can measure for you if that will help
obviously, larger than a 3x5, but better too large than
too small


Paul, did you get someone to measure their 3x5 for you, if not i’ll run out and measure mine for you right now.

Paul, how about 9.5 inches wide, 18 inches long and 14 inches high.

Paul, when I built my portable printing box, I made a compartment for my 3x5 Kelsey. I mounted the press on a piece of 3/4 inch plywood the length and width of the extremes of the press, and put 1/2x3/4 battens on the side walls of the compartment slightly higher than the top of the base board (which was sitting on rubber-headed tacks for stability in use). With a hinged door for access I could open the door, slide the base board in, with the ink disc sitting on top of the platen cushioned by some cloth, and close the door, which had a hasp and padlock. On a trip with the box I had an accident — the trailer it was riding in flipped over and the type got badly pied, but the press rode it out unscathed.