Re my (NOW) not so futile request for identification of the above, i.e. Gill Sans 2 part 2 colour on display size(s).
A little message just arrived, with tiny clue(s) I.E. The Series number ex Monotype is 338 Gill Sans 2 colour.!!!
Rick @ Foolproof 546 thank you for your work on my behalf, but obviously my lack of sufficient clues, stymied your efforts, which probably implies that Schuyler, (Sky Shipley) can probably Not produce it from his Giant Caster, plus shipping me even a tiny font, for non commercial purpose, would probably be into the realms of *Plunder Fort Knox* or our *Royal Mint* ??
Jeremy, @ Albion Press if, as you implied, you could scan and post a facsimile, it would help and be appreciated, if possible. Thank You.
Some 12 months ago, there was in London, an exhibition, *Pencil To Pixels* Mounted by Monotype, (U.S.A. wing, Archives working out of Redhill U.K.) tracing all aspects of type design, punch cutting, matrix striking, etc right up to digitising virtually all hot metal typefaces, or certainly Monotype & Linotype faces, but (probably due to my attempts at description) my queries and the absence of the series number was the problem…However my quest continues 2 or 3 later day L/Press printers are hoping to see what the old F*** (as in flatulence) is on about!!!

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I don’t have a scanner.
I do have a spare copy of the Tyne Type Catalogue.
Let me have your address and I’ll send you one.