Cleaning rust of press

I have just acquired a Farley proof press. It has been stored in a cold garage for the last couple of years and suffers from some surface rust. what’s the best way to clean it / restore it?


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How serious? Post a pic - you will be flooded with advice!
Spray it with WD40 very good for cleaning. Use household scourers, the cheapy plastic kind from the supermarket and elbow grease. You’ll be amazed what it comes up like, unless the rust is serious….

I have had good luck soaking rusted metal galleys in vinegar for a few hours or overnight. It loosens the rust so that it can be readily scrubbed away with steel wool.

lemon juice and vinegar.vaporust soaked towels draped. Works great.

Soaked towels work wonders..

Just make sure to clean the pieces thorougly afterwards, or they’ll start rusting at a rapid pace.

Electrolysis is a safe and non toxic way. It is super easy. I did a Kelsey 5x8 this way. A friend made a large tank out of a plastic pond liner and dipped his woodworking lathe.

Google “electrolysis rust removal”.

If you need help after some research send me an email
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On flat machined surfaces, a razor blade works miracles to slice the rust off. It saves a lot work in the scrubbing stages.