Lead Graffiti in Sports Illustrated

We at Lead Graffiti are excited to announce that Sports Illustrated’s December 16 “Year in Media” issue (both print and and iPad editions) has a nice little article featuring our 2013 Tour de Lead Graffiti project. The article is illustrated with our broadside from Stage 5.

You can read the story of how the Sports Illustrated article came to be at


Each morning during the Tour de France we watch the stage live on TV. We spend the rest of the day translating the stage visually into a broadside using handset wood & metal type printed via letterpress on Somerset Textured White 300 gsm. We work spontaneously, without sketches, and often without much forward planning. The broadsides are 14.5” x 22.5”.

We relish collaboration and on 17 of the 23 days we had someone outside of Lead Graffiti in the studio working with us, from the 12-year-old son of our web designer to students to people who follow our work.

You can jump over to Stage 1 of the 2013 edition and click through the posters. Clicking on the image will take you to the next one. There is also a link on each page for an enlarged version. From any of those pages you can also link over to the 2011 or 2012 editions.


The 23 posters, a composite that includes every run on every stage (102 this year), title page, story page, and colophon are collected together and housed in a clamshell made for the event and wrapped in Lead Graffiti pastepaper made special for the occasion.

We would love for a lot of you to take a look at this killer project. We would love to also know a few of your favorites.

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Congrats! That’s some nice ink for your nice ink!

Lead ,thank god it wasn’t the swim suit edition.

We’ve actually got some hot metal type. Maybe there is a calendar idea in there..

lead graffiti swim suit edition???? ray in speedo, just might not sell.