Kluge N series Pump rebuild

Does anyone know where I can get an N series piston pump repaired or rebuilt. I am in Houston and even Kluge said they do not sell parts or repair my type of pump. the air blast just quit.
This is the first time I have posted anything. I apologize if this is not the correct place to post this question but I have work backing up and need to get back up and running.

Shawn Littleford
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Try Irving Ptg. Machinery Corp., Oceanside, N.Y., (516) 764-6260, I haven’t dealt with them lately, but they had all parts for Kluges, and they did rebuild pumps and/or sell rebuilt pumps. FIRST….. I would replace all hoses (they might have minute leaks), and blow out the lines first before doing anything else. The oil I’ve used for the leather gasket is “Neatsfoot Oil” available at some of the “real” hardware stores or shoe repair shops. Using a petroleum oil or a petroleum jelly will destroy the leather pump cylinder gasket. Flushing out the pump with kerosene as covered in “Air System” in the Kluge Manual will often correct this situation. GOOD LUCK.

That’s the same kit I bought a couple of years ago. It was a very simple install and the hard part, by far, was the cleaning out of all the accumulated gunk.

I would add that at the same time you are working on the pump, plan to replace the tubing. My hoses were full of filth.

Thanks for the info I tried the number but it was no longer in service. I was told that this pump does not have leathers it is different than a normal pump ?? I was told it was built in the 70’s.

Don’t know if the serial number matters but here it is