New Kelsey 3x5 owner

I am new to the letterpress world, and am very exciting to learn more about it, especially to have access to this great resource at briarpress. I just recently purchased a Kelsey 3x5 and have been compiling all of the equiptment needed to get it up and running. I am teaching myself how to use a platen press, and after locking up my first chase, I noticed that there are no grippers to hold the paper in place. At least I think that’s what I am missing. I see where you place and hold down the tympan, however there is nothing to clip the paper that you are letterpressing on into. Does anyone know where I can find such a piece, or what I am missing?

thanks so much,

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I think what you are looking for is a pack of gauges. I am not sure if that model had grippers…

ok, great. thank you so much. I’ll look into those.


You can probably get gripper bars for the Kelsey at NA Graphic at [email protected]. Ask for their catalog. They sell Kelsey items. As for guides to feed the sheets against, you can buy gauge pins or make your own with type quads.
If you need any help, contact me at [email protected]. I have lots of experience with letterpress. Only too happy to help you.


thanks again for your help. I ordered the grippers, and recieved them this past weekend from na graphics.

Awesome! I just purchased the little kelsey, and am very excited to see my question about grippers has been answered in this dialogue! Sweet, I’m in heaven.