C&P 12 x 18

Hey Guys,

We have just purchased a C&P and I am looking to replace a piece that holds the rollers. Pictures are attached. Anybody have any thoughts on where to get this?

image: photo-1.jpg


image: photo-2.jpg


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There might be a spare Craftsman saddle out there somewhere but your best bet is to have a machinist copy one of your existing saddles, making sure they are actually symmetrical.

If it was my press…
since I almost never run 4 form rollers, I would move the good saddle up to replace the broken one.
Two rollers in the top position will work for most jobs
Except perhaps large solid forms
Good luck
James McGraw

Where are you located? The Dunhams in Deep River, Iowa probably have the part you are looking for. I don’t have an email address, but if you send me a message I will privately send Roy’s phone number.


Thank you guys for the responses, still trying to locate them. Brad, I just sent you a direct message.