R. Hoe 151

Bob I am having trouble with my e-mail, so I will answer will here. I will be keeping this press and it will be on display
at the Morgan Paper Consevratory in Cleveland, Ohio, where
I am curator of there Letterpress Shop. We be printing on
handmade paper with wood type of which we have nearly
100 fonts. I have not moved the press yet, but I inform you of any details.

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Thanks for the update. If you’re open to having the guy stop by and take some photos, he would appreciate it. He is Ed Regan, who has a very large collection of presses and other equipment, and is a professional heavy machinery mover based in Indiana about an hour North of Indianapolis. You can also email me through Briar Press — click on the green AdLibPress which should take you to my listing on BP where there is a link to email me. It’s more private than posting. If you are willing to have Ed stop by to take photos send me a phone number where he can reach you and I’ll pass it along.

Best regards, Bob

I bought a Hand press from Ed last summer. I do not have
access to the press until it is moved. Hopefully in the next 10 days, depending on the weather. I can send photos to
Ed and yourself after it is refurbished. It is in great shape
for being 180 years old and has the original metal tympan and fisket.