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Hello Everyone,

I am responsible for a team cataloguing a large regional collection in Victoria, Australia, that includes a print shop.

The initial cataloguing is not in great depth, so I have managed to work out a little bit on some of the presses, but the Olmesdahl has me a little beat. It took me a few weeks to find the maker’s plate - which was hiding behind the modern label that claimed it was an “Aulmerdahl”.

The maker’s plate gives it as

A. Olmesdahl / New Champion / New York

Aforesaid modern label (which has lost all credibility for me) suggests it was made about 1870.

Assuming the photo I load works, is anyone able to confirm that approximate age??? I reckon I can find one roller on it that is rubber, which makes me a little wary.

And anything else anyone can tell me about the press would be appreciated.



image: P06498.jpg

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A. Olmesdahl manufactured the New Champion press at 41 Centre Street, New York City from 1886 to 1888. In 1889 to 1900, the press was manufactured at the same address by the New Champion Press Co., with A. Olmesdahl as manager. Sizes were 6x10, 8x12, 9x13, 10x15, 11x17.

Thank you so much for that - a beautiful little swag of information that I think puts it in the 1886-1888 range, as there is no mention of the “New Champion Press Co.”

I will now wait for a decent interval and see if anyone can help me with the Partridge Pin Perforator. That one is a bit challenging to me as well.

Hello all, I’m a new member here,this is a great site for info about printing. Dad was a printer from the 50’s thru the 80’s. He taught me printing on a press like this around 1968 when I was 8.He also let my brother and I run the Meihle vertical when I was maybe 12. Dad never really made the transition into offset printing. Wish I could have learned more. He got rid of all his type and cases and presses in the early 90’s .Boy, I wished he saved those cases and type. Dad passed about 4 years ago. He did leave me a peice of his printing legacy. The press he taught me on, my A.Olmesdahl New Champion. It looks similar to the one above but much smaller, I’ll have to measure but think its a 8 x 12. Other than new rollers and some rust on the ink platten its in great shape.The one mentioned here is the only other I could find searching the net. Are there many out there? Is this worth any thing? When mom passes I will be bringing this to my home. Maybe to use,hopefully.Imprinting Christmas cards ,business cards and simple stuff. Thanks for letting me ramble on about this,just exited to share,Dad was very proud of this press,me too!

I’ve just recently joined this amazing website.Being in the printing industry for over 27 years I’ve seen and experienced the incredible transformation and progression of the industry from the big, heavy and noisy offset and letterpress machines of the past to the efficient, streamlined and not so noisy digital equipment used today. The most intriguing thing that draws me to this site is the unyielding interest in the history of printng and the processes used over the years, but also the enthusiasm behind wanting to retain some of the processes in order to rekindle at least some of the nostalga associated with these old processes. Anyway, I’ll stop rambling! The main reason for my contact is I have a ‘New Champion (A. Olmesdahal)’ press, just like the one above, sitting (in pieces) in the corner of my workshop just begging to be restored to its former glory. I was just wondering whether you might some information/literature on this particular model press? It’s a shame to have t sit there and not be admired for what it is…
Kind regards,
Paul Notley-Smith


I don’t want to horn into your family matters, but perhaps your mom would like to see you using your dad’s press while she’s still here? As a mom, I’m always thrilled to see my son using my husband’s tools, and would be even more so if my husband were no longer here. If I were your mom, and saw you printing Christmas cards for the family on that press, I think I’d swoon with ecstasy.


Hello All, Well I brought my old girl home. A,Olmesdahl New Champion 6 x 10. Now the work begins. Oiled her up and she spins like new. See pics, more to come.

Warms my heart, v. serio. Can’t wait to see the photos.


trying to post pictures,vince

I happen to have one of these presses as well but missing the treadle pedal. Anyone out there no of anyone that would have parts or be interested in this one to refurbish. Its a 10” x 15”.;

Does the Olmesdahl have a trip lever?

I don’t see one in the photo.

Not for sure. The one I have didn’t have one when I got it. But the picture posted previously shows one.

I don’t see it in LindaB’s photo
if that’s the one you’re referring to.

I don’t see it in LindaB’s photo
if that’s the one you’re referring to.