Wood pallet or two boards?

I’ve seen letterpress machines stored on wooden pallets and on two thick boards under the feet. Are there benefits of either one? Cons?

I have a C&P 10x15, and I’m trying to decide if I want to keep it on a wooden pallet, or just two boards. It seems like the pallet might be easier for when it needs to be moved, but also a pain since I’d have to have a standing platform to work the treadle. Not sure what direction to go.

Do you guys have any preferences?

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If you are planning to run the machine you should remove the press from a shipping pallet before operation as most pallets are made of 1x6 wood on top, and the press will “rock” on it if run. The best solution is to remove any wood from under the feet of the press and carefully level it on the floor and put it on rubber pads or bolt to the floor to keep it from moving around.

If you do plan to move it soon, and are just storing it, leaving it on a pallet may be perfectly fine. Putting the press on 4x6 “runners” (front to back on each side) might be a safer alternative if you plan to run the press. These runners can then be used to move the press around on pipes, or provide an easier way to lift the press from the side to put it on a pallet when the time comes.

Working the press from a platform can be dangerous if you happen to misplace your foot during a run, and at best would caused a twisted ankle. If you slip off while feeding, you can imagine the consequences. It is always best to run machinery firmly planted on the floor as intended by the manufacturer.

John H.

I questioned that in trying to get ours off the shipping pallet. Since it is at least 1500lbs-2000lbs it is not easy to do inside a 8’ garage. I used a combination of hydraulic floor jack and portable engine lift to get off the pallet. Set the lift up close to press on 2000lb and strapped around press to compensate for extra weight on large flywheel on left side. Use only connections to the main frame and not any flywheels. It may take a couple of small lifts to get press balanced under lift. Make sure bolts of feet disconnected from pallet before lifting,then lift up slowly until lift has press free of pallet, have a helper pull pallet out. Once pallet is out of the way, you can get lift closer to press and make it alittle easier to move around. Once press is in your printing location, check for balance and either bolt down to floor or mount on some boards and then anchor boards. Keeping the area level and clear of any tripping hazards should help prevent any chance of falling into the press. I agree with John H. and mount on floor. Something else to consider if you leave on boards, is that lubricating oil, cleaner and ink will build up on boards and can present a fire hazard. Concrete,with oil absorbent pads or absorbent granular, can easily be cleaned up and prevent any build up under your press.

Remember that all attention should be directed on hand feeding and nothing else.