printing on mat board

Has anyone printed on mat board- or rising museum board? I am searching for gray papers and everything I find seems to be too light or more of a brown gray(arturo) or too soft(stone henge). I wonder if it will take an impression well.

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Rising is great. I print with it a lot. Here are some recent cards I ran on the 2 ply white:

Some notes:

It’s really stiff and needs a lot of impressional strength to be debossed; not your typical cottony letterpress paper. The 2 ply is .030” thick usually, and the 4 ply is double that at about .060”. The 4 ply really doesn’t wrap around a cylinder, you’ll need to use a platen press to print it, but the 2 ply works with a vandercook or other hand proofing press just fine in my experience.
(Rising absolutely takes screenprint beautifully as well - and there is an awesome black:

I usually run it with about 6-8 thousandths of impression and it works great, pretty stiffened ink as well. This will all depend on your press and rollers though; usually I run the 4 ply on a 10x15 C&P and I make the ink a bit stiffer/thinner, light roller pressure.

Be warned- whatever cuts you make need to be BEHIND the knife. This stuff chips terribly; so if you’re printing multi up you’ll need gutters between your separate pieces so you can back trim them square and with a flat edge. Also, this stuff really likes to pull on the knife in my cutter unless I run it in short lifts (1.5” at most) with adequate clamping pressure.

Good luck.

One more shot showing raking light across 7 thousandths of impression:

(You can see this stuff has a nice grain too- but each color seems to have a different finish. The grays tend to be a bit smoother, in my experience.)