New Improved Model 4-Info Needed

I have acquired a “New Improved Model 4” platen press in very good condition. I would appreciate any information anyone might have regarding this particular press. It has the number 360 inscribed on the front of the platen.

Thank you in advance for your time!

image: No4Press.jpg


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Your press should have a chase size of 8.5x14. The Model 3 Job press had the chase of 7x11
The US version of the Daughaday’s had a production line of 7 presses, 5 of them were table tops. The UK had 8 Presses in their line.
The US Version is as follows,
Model 0 - The Little Model - 2.25x3.75
Model 1 - Card Model - 3x5
Model 2 - Model 1 - 5x8
Model 3 - Model 2 - 6x9
Model 4 - Model 4 - 7x10.5

Model 3 Job - 7x11
Model 4 Job - 8.5x14


I apologize, typo on the Model 4,

Model 4 - Model 3 - 7x10.5