Seeking advice for letterpress purchase


I am new to letterpress and need some advice in purchasing equipment. This morning, I found the following ad on Craigslist:

It it an older machine, which concerns me a bit, but it is within my range and I could possibly negotiate a lower price.

Any advice would be greatly appreciate.

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The Reliables were sold by Palmer & Rey in SF at the turn of the century. The one I have seen had a different type of throw off lever but are similar to C&Ps and Gordons. If the press has no motor or treadle, it is almost useless. You may be able to get a treadle from Hern Iron works but I don’t know whether it would fit. Motor can also be bought. good luck.

In the photo it appears the lower roller rod and saddle are missing. The press would still be usable with two form rollers, but if you are able to go look at it, take a look around the shop and see if you can find the rod, saddle and spring.

There is a treadle pictured, but may be attached to another press.

John Henry

Sir, just a quick resume (with you profile in mind) a few points for starters, (based on U.K. observations only) 1 or 2 WELDS, just a little ambiguos? specifically where, Main Frame,>> Platen Fulcrum,>>Bed Mounting,>> etc etc or LESS important, ancilliary arms, levers, ink disc driving pawl, roller arm(s) rods springs and so on, more important but unseen/unspecified!! the odd Tooth missing from the drive train gears/cogs, and many more similar??
The stated *PRINTS WELL* without motor or treadle.?? How was that ascertained, it would seem to be difficult to achieve without, either.?
Nice Starter model,? not quite, perhaps, usual to work up to a 300 - 500 Lbs Press, (or more) via a table top, (if this were in the U.K.) the well informed, would probably pose the question, FOR the potential New Enthusiast, *WHY SO KEEN, to sell to one, who is not, “as yet” in a position to make an informed judgement, and navigate the Minefield.
The *Lower 48* are very well blessed with many, Very well informed, Briar Press members, who will, I am sure metaphorically *hold your hand*.if your post, can stay on sight long enough. !!!
My rubbish is conjecture and not facts… But the odd post included, may help to keep yours, amongst the current Thread(s) Good Luck.