Perforating stamps…

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We have a Rosback perforator. Floor model that can do about 2 foot long perforation. We want to print stamps to use on mailings (decorative use only, before anyone jumps on the counterfeiting angle). At least for the moment the stamps are printed via inkjet and not via letterpress.

Has anyone tried buying new pins (and where did you get them) and if it helped produce a better punching out of the holes.

Right now ours does somewhat well, but it leaves enough holes that get caught when you try to move it to be a nuisance. We put a slip sheet under the sheet we want to use which causes a cleaner perforation. The problem is that when you are doing something like a sheet of stamps the ‘hanging chads’ stick in the holes and make moving the sheets to the new location difficult. If all the whole would punch out the two sheets will kind of staple themselves together which helps in the process. But we have to keep jiggling them around to get them loose and they come apart.

We are confining ourselves to stamps that are 10p x 6p for the moment so we can use metal furniture as a jig after you get the first punch line registered.

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Anyone have any good suggestions for a system to help with such a process?

We would kind of like to do this for any mass mailings we do at Lead Graffiti.

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Anyone out there make stamps that might want to trade a few after we get up and running with this?

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I got new pins for my Rosback from NA Graphics a few years ago. I think I paid more for the pins than the perforator. Not sure if they still stock them.

Some chipboard on the bottom will reduce the number of chads.

Haven’t gotten around to making stamps yet…it’s on the wish list. There is an artist stamp group on Yahoo, but it is rather quiet currently.