Need to cut metal polymer plates

Looking for a instrument to cut down large metal polymer plates to a more useable size for my plate maker. Suggestions? The metal shears I use curl the edges slightly and have almost sent me to the emergency room twice. THANKS

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I purchase 8x10’s and use this little cutter;
Works like a charm.

I use an old Dahle cutter for it, just for that and nothing else as it’s now no good any more for paper or board.

Yeah, I’ve blistered using tinsnips and later the nibbler. Nothing works like a long blade with leverage. It does not need to be as heavy as a Dahle. I use an old Milton Bradley library cutter, and the key is to wet the blade before each cut with a damp rag. The first cut is easier, and following cuts are not fouled by adhering photopolymer. You do need to re-trim the edge of the piece out side the cut just made to remove distortion of both photopolymer and base metal.
It is easier with a 24” cutter than a 10” cutter. Leverage.
A nibbler (available at Radio Shack) is still a very useful cutter as it allows cutting in arcs and even around square corners.

Kutrimmer, best there is, hands down. There is a seller on eBay who give some very good deals on these. They are not exactly as cheap as what others may have proffered, but they are excellent, blades can be resharpened, or purchased, and they have multiple use; these can be used for cutting thick board or multiple sheets of paper.

I’ve got a couple of these and I would NOT want to be without them.


I agree with Gerald, for the money I don’t think there is a better tabletop paper cutter on the market. They are very accurate, and it is still possible to get parts when needed for newer cutters. I don’t cut more than about 3-4 sheets of paper at a time (not the 40 sheets they say it will cut), but if you don’t print a high volume they are fine. Both cutter I have were bought second-hand and still work very well.


You guys rock! Thanks so much - if you are ever in Tulsa Ok come say hello.