Die cutting knives

Hi, I have a 12x18 Kluge 1962 automatic I would like to know the height of the die-cutting knives for my die maker.
Thank you for helping me.

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.918 for cutting. 912 for scoring with matrix

Thank you very much Ted.

.918 is what most on this forum use it keeps the adjustment from print to cut at a minimum However .937 is the most common die cutting rule height in the industry. I suggest you get first die made with .918 cut rule.

Hi Ted 918 cut and 912 crease on a cut and crease die is okay for .005 stock like a bond or are you referring to separate operations? I make a lot of greeting card, folding carton and presentation folder dies and for 10-12 pt cover 918cut and 900 vrease is most common.

pic attached of a cut and crease die 918 903 for 12 pt cover

image: PZL4.jpg


finished product

image: PZL5.jpg