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Hi all:

After receiving my first letterpress (Kelsey 5 x 8), I decided to start a blog to document my adventures in letterpress. Letterpress beginners (and pros) are welcome to visit at:

On the blog I share what I have learned so far about using the press, inks, plates, parts, cleaning, and more.

Happy letterpressing!

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It’s a great blog… :)

Updated. Latest posts of interest - cleaning the press, what type of press should I buy, step-by-step walk through of print projects, etc.


A most informative site. Encouraging. I just recieved a Kelsy Excelsior Model N in excellent condition. Needs new roller and adjusting. Then ready to print. I am a watercolour artist and decided to attempt doing my own letterpress printing. It is just another extension to my work. Keep the blog going. I am from Wisconsin USA

What a fantastic contribution. I am a newbie myself and you’re inspiring! Thanks for sharing your story/information/tips.

Thanks everyone, glad to hear the blog is useful for you. I am about to move up from a Kelsey 5x8 to a C&P 8x12, so follow along for info on the move into the basement, and getting started with my bigger press…


Hello Erin!
Love your blog! I just got a Kelsey 5 x 8, & am trying to read everything I can! So far two print sessions have been pretty successful! Oh, and welcome to ETSY - I have had a shop there for about 10 1/2 months & have done really well - -


I also read your blog, along with a few others about starting letterpress. I have been considering starting my own but need to put a more thought into it. I think it’s so great to see information out there about people starting out in this trade and their “adventures” discovering it. I especially love seeing all the photos of steps, etc. It’s such an asset to those of us just starting out!! Especially knowing that we’re not alone in trying to figure stuff out :)


Hi all, I went two look at a couple of bikes for sale and bought an old press outfit. The man said he has not used it in 40 years (he got married) I know nothing about letterpress and or the tools of the trade. There is a dismantled type chest with 25 or so draws filled with type. He was telling me that they are California type trays with 3 trays or something to that effect. There are stand up wood boxes that hold wooden blocks, a lead cutter composing sticks, these flat wooden boxes that have dif. sizes of brass plates that he said where used to make lines, a smaller hand looking press. The bigger press has a foot lever on it and the name cast in one of the legs says THE PRESS COMPANY Somewhere CONN. At first I was thinking about selling it all but after researching letterpresses and what appears to be a complete set up I picked up….. I will post some pics next week when I pick it up, maybe someone could identify what type of press it is.

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