Now what?

I recently got a C&P tabletop press. I’m dying to use it but haven’t a clue how to start - except for seeking the advice of anyone out there on this forum who might be able to help. I know it needs new rollers - but what should I ask for, and to whom? And as you can see the ink plate needs some tlc, but like I said, I don’t know where to start. So I’m starting here.


image: C&PPress.jpg

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You might start by saying where you are. It’s easier to help if you’re nearby.

For rollers, look in the Yellow Pages section of this Web Site.

you can start by cleaning it up a little. Oil some parts and get rid of any rust by using some emry cloth and wd40. You can spray the wd40 and begin “sanding” with the emry cloth, works wonders for getting the rust off the ink disk.

Hi Arie - I’m in NYC.

Thanks jtucker. That’s a great place to start - appreciate it.

Here is the link to the old Briar Press site with a nice photo of what you are going to have.

I think this is also great link to get yourself in the mood.

You might want to check out this site: - it may have a manual for your press - to download as a pdf…

If you haven’t yet acquired your new rollers, check out NA Graphics in Colorado. They make and sell new rollers and the owne, Fritz, would be happy to answer any questions you had about your press. He’s very nice, patient and knowledgable.

Good luck!

Well almost a month later and I just got off the phone with NA Graphics. Could not have been nicer to such a clueless newbie. Thanks for the suggestion. I’m hoping with all the new parts, I’ll be up & running very soon.

Liz -

That press is a beaut and will really be fun to use once it’s been cleaned up and well-oiled . If you can get it out to my shop in Frenchtown, NJ.I’d be happy to help make your dream come true.

I do charge for my time, but I am also reasonable, understanding (like Fritz), very experienced and really enjoy working on these old presses..

- Alan