Adana 8x5 chase

My adanas chase is a bit bent and I think that is the main cause for my impressions being irregular. So my cuestion is, does anyone have a chase for sell? of course one that is even and in perfect shape. Have been trying to contact Caslon and Adanashop but did get any response yet so I try my luck here.

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everyones a proofreader.

It’s hard to type well with a bent chase, pardon my typo Devils Tail Press!

Amiel, Constructive help is en route, via Briar Press & E Mail, dont worry too much about your little mistake, *C* instead of *Q*… You are in good company,!!! . . A few days ago an entry was made on this site, stating that an electric motor needed to run @ I.P.H. (Impressions Per Hour????) rather than R.P.M. (Revolutions Per Minute????)

Does the Open Air Spit, from the top of the Cable Car ride overlooking Barcelona Harbour still serve tasty food.?

!Mucho Gusto! Seems to work, but does not translate onto an English QWERTY, keyboard properly, i.e. opening exclamation mark. (!) @ 180 degrees. Apologies. Good Luck.

Mick es un genio: D

A él le gustaría saber acerca de las perspectivas turísticas de Barcelona.
Específicamente el teleférico.

Siento lo de tu chase dañado
Espero que encuentre una buena solución pronto.


did you e-mail Caslon with your question? Normally they’re very responsive.

My friendly local engineer had no problem making a couple of chases for my 8x5 out of welded square rod. Can’t remember the exact price - but it was something like $20 and a packet of chocolate cookies.