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Hi there, thanks for this. I do know...14 Aug
Hi there, thanks for this. I do know...14 Aug
Thanks Paul, I am excited that you have...4 Feb
Thanks Oprion, that's really helpful...4 Feb
Side view:3 Feb
Another photo:3 Feb
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It was totally worth it just for the...28 Aug
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Hi all, if it helps, one of my hs1 has...2 Mar
This is so lovely. Thanks for sharing...25 Feb
Thanks all, after some penetrant it...31 Oct
Hi LindseyC, I just wanted to back up...11 Oct
Ahh I was half way there :) #novice...8 Oct
Thanks, PP. I was pretty sure they...8 Oct
The handle is definitely distinctive... 6 Oct
Its pretty cool, whatever it is :)...5 Oct
The chase bed and ink disc (not...5 Oct
Put all the pieces together today and...5 Oct
Yes, just two discs there, and not sure...1 Sep
That's good. I have stabbed myself with...1 Sep
Peter - I'd be sad about anything...31 Aug
Yes indeed. I am a huge fan of Vita...31 Aug
Thanks John, you're a star. Really...25 Aug
Dear John, Yes - that's the one!...24 Aug
Wait. What? Oh dear :/20 Aug
Yeah, sadly not. It had been sitting in...20 Aug
Thanks Peter, I will try that....19 Aug
Also just noticed my composing stick is...19 Aug
Wow - looking good! Thanks for sharing...16 Aug
The same press a week ago:...16 Aug
With link, this time!...16 Aug
Mephits thankyou, a good idea that one! 15 Aug