Baskerville 12pt Italic

Can anyone help me out? For the project we are running with the National Trust, I’m in need of some of the above for about three weeks.

Most of the type for the project has been cast new for us, but as I only need the following letters, I wondered if anyone would be able to loan us it? I’ll pay for the postage etc if so…

I literally just need the type to set “Sissinghurst,
Thursday. To V.W.”

Thanks in advance :)

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why not have someone with a linotype set it for you, I only have it in 8 and 10 point but there must be someone near you that has it.

Get in touch with Harry MacIntosh in Edinburgh, he can cast this on his Monotype machines: [email protected]

A great guy!

Do you just need the line set in 12 pt. Baskerville Italic? I may have it in my cases. If so, I could set it and mail it to you in an envelope. No charge. Maybe give me a credit. If you need it real fast, I could send it in a flat rate box, which would cost $5.80.

P.s. I just noticed you live in the U.K. Which makes sending it a bit more complicated. You might try Handandeye, I bet they have some in their cases.

Patrick Reagh

Gloucester Typesetting also has it in the UK (if we are talking Monotype series 169 here).

ps: i started this little website that might comes handy when looking for a »who’s casting it« information.

I’m still working on it, so please don’t mind any glitches or missing information like contact addresses yet.

That is a great thing Lars, real neat. Thank you for sharing.

Hello Lars, you can add these guys to your list as well:

Thomas! Already included, see

for example