Plea for Mick :)

This one is kind of a message for Mick on Monotype - but waving to anyone else who might be reading!!

I’m not sure if the several emails I sent are making it through but I really *really* need my ink disc back!

Mark and I are in Eastbourne anyway on Saturday, so we could head by and pick it up? - or I will happily send you a cheque to cover the postage.

I know you took it to “fix” but I’d just prefer to have it back as is, so I can use it in the workshops I am running. At this stage, having the disc back is the most important thing…

Thanks in advance - and please let me know,


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Vicki, with respect, and on open forum, the Only reason I took your damaged disc, was because I left my good one, for the 8 x 5 with the siezed up stub still in yours, together with in depth discussion on how to remove it safely, which means returning your bare disc without removing the stub will achieve nothing, plus mine is till lurking somewhere in Canterbury. I too have sent E mails pointing out that without a working disc, only a bare wrecked piece, prohibits me from passing on a working 8 x 5. Perhaps, post on open forum, that you did NOT receive a previous E mail where I explained and requested, (diplomatically & politely) this entire situation, including my comments about Caslon,s £95 charge for a second hand disc, still in my Draughts Sent! dated Aug, 21st, starting *Do you a trade, mine for Yours etc* and followed very politely, asking for a search for mine.?? I will post of (tomorrow Thursday) your disc remains, in the hope that mine may yet surface.

Loved the *Handsetting* in your blog, maybe a Bona Fide Comp, would have helped a would be Teacher,!! and the Antique Miller & Richards Galley looks good.?? Touche.! Apologies no Acute accent (e) on cobbled together P.C.s and apologies for the *Dirty Linen* etc it was not me that hit the, destruct button, on Open Forum.

You are still welcome to some Help & Instruction, before your Workshops commence, there is bound to be somebody amongst the Pupils, that notices the *Modus Operandi* is flawed.? I hand set my first Type in 1953 so it is just possible, that I may have half an idea to pass on.
Mick. In the first person.??

Hi Mick,
I honestly didn’t post this on an open forum because I am upset or angry in any way - it was just because I need the disc back ‘as is’ by next week and I’ve been getting pretty desperate to receive it, but hearing nothing. I wasn’t sure you’d been getting my emails.

(I know that seems short notice, but I have been asking for months now and just receiving nothing in response)

Of course I will pop yours back in the post as well. And, as I have said repeatedly - I really really appreciate your advice and help. I’m not holding it to ransom or anything - I just can’t use it.

Please don’t do anything with it - just as it is will be more than fine.

Thanks so much - I really appreciate it.

Vicki, Sincerely, Thank you for conceding that I actually did leave a good one with you. Yours will be posted tomorrow Thursday, I can probably post a Shot of the Recorded delivery slip with help. Thank you, when Mine comes back is not too critical, for the time being that machine is a static exhibit in our new tiny industrial museum in Brighton, with a dodgy *Work in progress* label attatched,
You are still welcome to any input, for your Project, on line or in person, I am getting a fair amount of info re the Minerva, it is going well with the re-comissioning, Charleston trust are quite interested in my endeavours, with and for the Minerva, They seem to appreciate and understand the Old but tenuous link, with Me and My dad at Charleston in the 40,s. My next visit will be on a Friday Hopefully, in the Kitchen where my Dad took the occasional beverage, maybe even when the Woolfs were still there, I dont know but would like to. The guides only speak from official archive material My Dad used to fish at Rodmell (now a tiny Marina and Boat launch) which should be of more significance to you than most others.? Mick.

i am sorry, Mick, but with all due respect for your obvious knowledge and experience…I cannot fathom a word you are saying. Sentences, man, sentences.

sorry to change subject on your important message kentpterodactyl.

I am going to be in Brighton soon to visit the Mr Magpie shop, is your museum open or in construction Mick?

Platen Printer, Not open yet, in the accepted sense.
However on a Thursday it (the Museum) *Stanmer Rural Museum* situate in Stanmer Park Brighton, is alive with many volunteers, all shapes sizes and trades, one (alleged) Printer, so far.?
However IF a Printer or Printers, with some/any insight in to Letterpress arrives Mid Morning on a Thursday, always welcome, & thats when the *Doorstep, Bacon Sarnies* arrive, Courtesy of The Curator. Or take the, Genteel *Cup of Teee* in the Park.!!
I have access to a Keyholder and Keys, but when the place is humming, the Atmosphere is good.

Possibly, look up, Ink Spot press, Brighton, it is just, Between Stanmer Pk. and Mr. Magpie, i.e. Silk Screen, Vandercook Press or Similar, Limited Letterpress and a lot of enthusiasm, my face fits, up to a point.

Also within 1/2 a mile of Stanmer Park, is situate modern Litho Printers,2 Colour, 4 colour, with the ability to perfect 2 colour, (that passed me by, first time around)? Too much Monotype crap, up top, Maybe.

But the main point is they run Heidelberg Cylinder (probably S.B.G) daily, Cutting & Creasing, and a 10 x 15 H/berg Platen, full up, Printing, Cutting, Creasing, Crash numbering, etc. etc. My mate runs both, The doormat says welcome, but only with a 10 Pack of fresh doughnuts.

By arrangement, a flying visit to all the above is possible, I would be more than Happy so to do. Keep in touch via B.P. if you will.

Brighton is one of the worst (and most expensive) places for parking, The traffic wardens are like scooter equipped, Blitzcreig, storm troopers, Regards, Mick.

It was totally worth it just for the “scooter equipped, Blitzcreig, storm troopers” line, which made me chortle so loudly I shocked the cat :D