Printing treasure troves…

Near St Pancras?

Just wondering if anyone knows of any, as my plans for the day got cancelled when I was half way to London and I can’t spend the whole day at the BL.

I have a travelcard and a pretty good sense of direction.
Off to do some Googling now, but thought I’d shout out here first.

Thanks in advance :)

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Down in darkest Kent, (The Garden of England etc) JUST POSSIBLY, remote but still possible? there may be a long forgotten hoard of of Letterpress Print equipment, possibly many tons?? … . A possible deal might be, if you had time and did the leg work, and should prove fruitfull, (BIG IF of course) and there was something/anything of use to Yourself, I/We *local rent a mob* provide the transport, as long as I/We obtain the Monotype Equipment, … . No more details on line, too much indigenous Monotype equipment is disappearing.? Admittedly very remote, but these situations still surface!!! … As witness your recent fortunate deals.

Wait, you can’t spend the whole day in the British Library? Gods, I could spend days in there!

As to the question at hand, will St. Bride Library be open the day you’re planning to be in London?

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

Mick - sounds an elusive mix of intriguing and fun. I am always up for projects, plans and leg work. Striking up deals a speciality. :)

Mephits thankyou, a good idea that one!